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import duty in india

12 Jun 2008 08:57

for Kiren: Exemption of duty may be eligible for bonafide gifts imported by courier into India.
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13 Jun 2008 10:55


I want to import an mp3 player and a digital photo frame from taiwan. Could you please tell me how much would be the custom duty and taxes for the same. Suppose the mp3 costs Rs. 1000 in taiwan, could you tell me the approx amount that i will have to pay for importing it in india after all the taxes and duty is calculated. Thanks very much in advance
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17 Jun 2008 11:54

i want to send a gift item of price $600 from australia to india. how much i have need to pay custom duty.
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18 Jun 2008 17:17

for krishna 10 May: India import duty for motorcycles classified under HS 8711 is levied at 100% plus countervailing duty and other taxes.
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19 Jun 2008 16:02

for Rahul 12 May: India import duty for electronic game (HS 9504) is rated 10% plus 14% countervailing duty and other taxes.
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21 Jun 2008 16:27

for rohit jamwal 16 May: India import duty for mobile phones is rated zero. However there will be the countervailing duty of 16% and other taxes including the anti-dumping duty for suppliers of some countries. India import duty for MP3/MP4 players is levied at 5% plus 8% countervailing duty.
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23 Jun 2008 12:09

I look forward to import surgical items from china for that could you please let me know the import duty and excise (if applicable) on few items. the items are 1) Fingertip Pulseoximeter,2) Horoscope, 3) Ophthalmoscope, 4)commode wheelchair,5)Sphygmomanometer (mercurial and aneroid)5)Air compressive nebulizer,6)Suction machine and 7)Stethoscope.
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23 Jun 2008 12:17

Sir currently i am staying in US and i wish to bring with me following newly purchased items :- 1.Microsfot Mouse. 2.Asus Motherboard 3.Seagate Hard Disk Drive 4.Corsair RAM. 5.Intel Processor Core 2 Duo. 6.Nvidia Graphis Card I want to bring these items to India from US what will be the import/customs duty on these items please give a detailed reply. Regards
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24 Jun 2008 10:04

Sir, We want to import one rigid box making machine (packaging machine)in India from Italy. Pl inform us about the duties, execise and the duty drawback on the pakaging machines. Thanks
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24 Jun 2008 16:23


for name supplied 17 May: India import duty for portable computer (HS 84713010) is zero, but 12% countervailing duty of 12% may be levied on such import.
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24 Jun 2008 16:34

for satyam 17 May: India import duties for all types of yarn i.e. wool, cotton and other fibre classified under HS Chapters 51, 52 and 53 are rated mostly 12.5% plus other duties and taxes that may be required by the Indian Government.
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25 Jun 2008 11:19

for name supplied 18 May: India basic import duty for handkerchiefs, cleansing or facial tissues and towels, of paper pulp, paper, cellulose wadding (HS 48182000) is 10% plus countervailing duty of 14% or other taxes that may be required.
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25 Jun 2008 15:52

for Amit Sheth 20 May: India import duty for sodium (HS 28051100) is rated 20% while for other sodium products import duties are mostly 12.5%. Countervailing duty and anti-dumping duty may also be levied for chemical products.
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25 Jun 2008 16:02

for Surabhi 20 May: India import duty for baby and clinical diapers (HS 48184010) is rated 10%, plus special countervailing duty of 4%.
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25 Jun 2008 16:44

for Jo 20 May: India import duty for the captioned PMP players (video recording or reproducing apparatus) classified under HS 85219090 is rated 10% plus 14% countervailing duty.
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26 Jun 2008 10:05

i would like to know the import duty on computer products.As i have plans to import laptop cooling pad . I would like to know the duty/tariff for the above product.
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28 Jun 2008 17:35

Hello happy to find here date on Indian import duties and taxes. i’m visiting India for a fair long period of time for work and bringing with me some medicines which are regularly required for treatment of my illness. Will the medications be required for duty or tax while I enter the country’s customs?
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30 Jun 2008 14:45

hi.. I wish to import supplements from the US for personal use only. I want to know what customs duty i may be charged, the maximum possible I may have to pay extra, over my billed amount. could you help me with that? thanks
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01 Jul 2008 10:25

I am a company in India. We need to purchase a software from a company based in USA. However the delivery would be from europe. We aim to use that software for our process management. What duty will I pay on this import?
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01 Jul 2008 10:31

hello sir/ madam, am planning to purchase a digital solvent printer, from china to india so i want to know how much import duty, i wl to my country, pls reply me, thanks
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