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import duty in india

17 May 2008 10:41

Is it allowed to import used computers/laptops of computers parts like monitors etc. in to India? If yes what is import duty for the same?
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17 May 2008 10:43

sir i am from vijayawada , india i want to buy yarn from Jiangsu so pls tell me the duties and taxes have to be pay for import if the rate per kg is 5yen
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17 May 2008 16:29

for millind 18 April: India import duty for electro-mechanical domestic food grinders, mixers, and vegetable juice extractors, with self contained electric motor under HS Nos 85094010 and 85094090 is rated 12.5% plus other tax and duty that may be required.
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18 May 2008 12:07

Could you please advise me on import duties in India for sourcing "Wood Pulp based textile/towellete" and decoration items product from China.
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20 May 2008 10:29

What is the Import Duty in India for Chemicals (Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) from China?
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20 May 2008 10:30


Sir, I would really appreciate if you could help me with the total duty that would be levied on importing baby diapers frpm China to India. I would also like to know if there are any other costs that I should include in the total pricing such as VAT etc. Thank you.
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20 May 2008 10:32

What will be the custom tariff / import duty for importing a box of 5 units PMP players from china by private courier shipment ? say value of consignment is rs 6000/-
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21 May 2008 11:16

Hello, I am an Indian student in London and am heading back to India now. I have decided to engage a baggage shipping company to transport my baggage which, weighs around 40kgs and has books and clothes (nothing expensive or unique). But in their price quote they do not include custom clearance charges etc. Could you please guide me on the amount I may expect to pay to clear my baggage from customs?
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22 May 2008 10:36

Hi, I have bought second hand R2 bike in Dubai for 10,000 AED which is approx 1,10,000 INR. I want to take this bike along with me to India. What all taxes i need to pay and what would be the total amount on the bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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26 May 2008 10:45

for Neelotpal 22 April: According to Indian Customs, general exemption is applicable to pedagogic materials by educational institutional for educational and vocational training.
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26 May 2008 13:43

for nathkanthi 25 April: General exemption may be applicable to donations and gifts arrived by post/parcel, but it still depends on the kind of product and the value of it.
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29 May 2008 11:24

What is the import duties for sanitary ware and CP fittings products in India.
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30 May 2008 10:26

hi i want to import 10 pieces of iphone from UK to India. Besides product and shipping charge, do i have to pay customs charge if yes then how much it will be.
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02 Jun 2008 12:01

for mohankumar 2 May: India import duty for food grinders and mixers, fruits and vegetables juice extractors (HS 850940) is rated 10% plus 14% countervailing duties and other taxes that may be required by the Customs in India.
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04 Jun 2008 18:07

Hi I am planning to buy a electronic product (Midi keyboard) for $400 via internet, i am from india, new delhi would like to know, will i have to pay any additional charges for the product, like the (Customs, Taxes or import duty).apart from the Sellers Shipping. If there is how much will it be when it reaches india please advise Thank you
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05 Jun 2008 10:15

You have done a great job here, this website has tons of information. I wish to import water pumps and solar panels in the country. I will have 2 questions in my mind: - How much import duty I have to pay on these items? - What's the get away from duties, if any, by some means, like permit etc? Thanks a lot in advance.
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06 Jun 2008 12:42

for jiyan 5 Nay: India import duty for mobile phones is rated zero. However there will be the countervailing duty of 16% and other taxes including the anti-dumping duty for suppliers of some countries.
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06 Jun 2008 13:32

for Anil.B.J: India import duty for food grinders and mixers, fruits and vegetables juice extractors (HS 850940) is rated 10% plus 14% countervailing duties and other taxes that may be required by the Customs in India.
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07 Jun 2008 11:37

Dear Sir, I am planning to buy laptops (3 units) 3 Canon SLR digicams from Indonesia. How much will be the customs duty applicable.
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10 Jun 2008 10:11

I am planning to import laptops from Taiwan and china for reselling here in India, what are the import duties applicable to the same. and thank you for the previous reply.
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