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import duty in india

14 Apr 2008 10:29


i have a import trade company in dubai, we import many wood cutting machines to dubai, i like to import directly to china to india woodworking machines is there required separate licence and how much tax will be charge indian customs.
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14 Apr 2008 15:12


kindly let me know if i have to register with any government department in HKSAR for exporting mobile phones to India or have to take permission, (Telecommunication Authority) apart from registering company with Inland Revenue Department. I have BRC for my proprietorship company with me).
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15 Apr 2008 09:54

For Deepak 31 Mar: India import duty rate is 12.5% for stoneware classified under HS 6812.5 Articles of stone or of other mineral substances. Additional duty may be leviable on a like article if produced or manufactured in India.
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18 Apr 2008 17:48


we want to import mixer grinder with juicer attachment to India from China via Hong Kong. kindly let us know the import duty on this in India in SKD state & Complete build state, also would like to know how we can bring the material into HK from China, duty structure n custom regulations for export of these articles from China.
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21 Apr 2008 17:03

The captioned product is not separately classified in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule but is included in Heading 8543. Duty rates are between free and 12.5% in India plus other taxes that may be rquired. Import licence is not required.
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23 Apr 2008 09:50

for name supplied 02 Apr : India import duty on HS Heading 8711 Motorcycles and cycles fitted with or without an auxiliary motor is rated 100% plus other taxes that may be required by the Indian Customs.
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24 Apr 2008 17:37

I want to order a set of about instructional dvds from USA. Will there be any customs duty levied by postal dept.? The cost is about $120.
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25 Apr 2008 10:57

i am buying through ebay used item on auction. Do i have to pay excise duty on these, thanks
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29 Apr 2008 08:53


for dev 3 Apr: Import duties in India for textiles (HS chapter 50-60) and clothing (HS Chapter 61-63) are rated grossly at 12.5% for imports from most favoured countries in the world including the Philippines However there are local taxes such as anti-dumping or countervailing taxes that may be required in the Indian customs.
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02 May 2008 11:32

I am planning to import Sugarcane Juice Extractor machine from Taiwan What would be the percentage duty applicable at india?
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05 May 2008 11:06


I want to import used mobile phones from gcc contries to india how much i have to pay duty for that.
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05 May 2008 11:08

hello, good day. i want to import a sugarcane juice crusher from China/Taiwan. what are the import duty tax applicable to reach Bangalore(India). thank you
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06 May 2008 17:46

for sohail: We cannot give you any tax and duty indication in India as you have not given sufficient information, e.g. product description preferably with HS code no. Also if you bring in the goods as an Indian resident or visitor the duty and free allowance may be different.
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08 May 2008 09:28

Hi, I am interested in buying an ipod (worth 55 USD) online from china through dhgate.com website... can any one tell me that other than the max retail price that I buy do i need to pay any extra taxes or any duty charges when i am receiving it in India?
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10 May 2008 11:07

Hello I wnat to import a used 2004 motorcycle to india which is costing me about 5,000 canadian dollars. How much duty do i have to pay to bring it to india? is there any depreciation? thanks
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11 May 2008 10:31

for Vikas 13 April: The Indian import duties on electrical machinery listed in HS Chapter 85 are mostly rated 12.5%, plus other tax and duty that may be required by the Indian Customs.
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12 May 2008 10:45

Hi! I'm planning to buy a Playstation 3 from ebay USA. It costs Rs.20,000 How much would the duties be? Thank You
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12 May 2008 12:10

for riyas abdul 14 April: The Indian customs duty on woodworking machinery under HS 84651000 is 7.5% plus countervailing duty of 14% and other taxes.
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12 May 2008 17:24

For abhishek 14 April: Any company or individual who wishes to import to or export from Hong Kong any radio transmitting apparatus will need to obtain a permit granted by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority unless he is the holder of a Radio Dealer Licence (Unrestricted).
If the applicant is a company, the required supporting document is a copy of the valid Business Registration Certificate. If the applicant is an individual, the person is normally required to produce the HK Identity Card or Passport for inspection.
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16 May 2008 11:42


i am interested to import electronic gadgets like mobile, mp4player, spy gadgets from china to india. please me about import duty
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