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import duty in india

12 Mar 2008 11:20

for nedumaran 6 Mar: In general import duty rate of 12.5% would be applied to imports of construction machinery and equipment within HS 8429 bulldozers, graders, levellers, scrapers, mechanical shovels, excavators, etc. and HS 8430 other moving, grading, levelling, scraping, excavating, tamping, extracting or boring machinery etc.

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12 Mar 2008 16:07

I'm looking for import duties into India of 1) an exhaust manifold (both a machined and un-machined, if there is a difference) and 2)a turbo housing/turbo charger (both machined and un-machined, if there is a difference). I think the easiest source for this info would be on infodriveindia.com, but this site appears to be down. If anyone has these import duties, please let me know of your source. Thanks so much for your help.
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13 Mar 2008 11:11

for manish 8 Mar: India import duty for Machinery for making or repairing footwear (HS No. 84532000) is 12.5%, plus any other tax that may be required by the Indian Customs.
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14 Mar 2008 10:34


Do I need to have a import / export license to import Mobile Phones from UK? What are custom duties or taxes involved in this? If I require a license, If u have please give me any contact who can arrange for it.
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17 Mar 2008 11:12


Dear Sir, Pl let me know about Import Duty for Induction Cooker from China to India.
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19 Mar 2008 14:30

would you please adivise me percentage of import duty when I bring aluminum ingot to India from overseas. Besides that, are their anything else (municipal tax, VAT,...)? Thanks
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20 Mar 2008 08:32

For Sukumar 14 Mar: There is no import duty imposed on mobile phones classified under HS 8517 imported into India from the UK. Also there is no import licence requirement.
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23 Mar 2008 10:38

Sir, I plan to import two items from china. 1. Software 2. Electronic LED Display Screens. What is the import duty in India for the above items? thanks
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23 Mar 2008 11:22

kindly let me know about the import duty on Chinese mobile phones( HS code -85252017) into INDIA.
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27 Mar 2008 17:02

for Sangram 17 Mar: India import duty for HS 8516 60 00 - Other ovens; cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters-other electro-thermic appliances is 12.5% plus other taxes that may be required by the customs.
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28 Mar 2008 10:30

i had registered IMPORT /EXPORT proprietorship company in HK,i want to export chinese mobile phones into INDIA via HK, from china?do i require to have a warehouse while importing the chinese mobiles into HK (HS code 85252017) n also what all customs n law ill have to follow n what all procedures? also let me know import duty of chinese mobiles(new) in INDIA infodriveindia.com says 7.5% while in earlier answers u say it is 0% .
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31 Mar 2008 10:06

I would like to import Stoneware Pottery from Vietnam. Could you please inform total import duty levied in India. Thank you for your time.
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31 Mar 2008 10:49

for Peter Abula 19 Mar: India import duty for aluminum ingots HS No. 7601 10 10 is 12.5% plus other tax that may be levied by the Indian customs.
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01 Apr 2008 10:35

I am likely to import and distribute an electrical equipment related to power saving from U.K. Kindly let me know whether it needs import license and also the import duties. Thanks, Kumar
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02 Apr 2008 15:31

i would like to bring a motorcycle from australia to india which i have used for 4 months and i have stayed in australia for more than 2 years so do i have to pay custom duty on this motorcylce and if yes than how much this motor cycle would have cost me in indian rupess about 6,00,000.kindly guide me
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03 Apr 2008 11:30

Good day, your blog is very informative, i would like to know are there different import duties depending on products country of production. If it is so, what could be the import duty for textile materials imported from Philippines.Thanks awaiting for your reply.
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05 Apr 2008 10:24

for Krishna 23 Mar: India import duties are rated free for HS 8541 40 20 --- Light emitting diodes and 8524 31 11 ---- Information Technology software.
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05 Apr 2008 10:56

for abhishek 23 and 28 Mar: 1) India import duty is rated free for cellular telephones. 2) There is no need to rent a warehouse in HOng Kong to store you mobile phones if you can put them in the office. Normal trade documents are reuqired for re-export these phones to India, including invoice, bill of lading, packing list and CO etc.
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07 Apr 2008 15:42

i ordered a supplement from site "bodybuilding.com" .its cost is $21.99 and with shipping its total of 40.98 dollars....how much would i have to pay duties and tax..plzz sum it up for me...what would be total that i'd have 2 pay...
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13 Apr 2008 10:55

Hi there, i just love this site. I am planning to import some new mobile phones from China to India, as per your previous advice, there in no need for any paper work, it means i just buy and send it to India with all receipts and paper work, pls tell me what paper work i need, regards
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