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import duty in india

24 Jan 2008 10:21

Thank you sir, i was little worried becuase its been 15 days now i have not recieved that dvd. the status of dvd is showing that its in with Indian customs.
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25 Jan 2008 11:54


Dear Sir, I am from India. I am going to buy electromechanical machine From Shanghai Dock to Navaseva Dock. The machine cost is 32,000 Euro and how much extra duties I have to pay upto my country India. Rgds Nalinikant
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30 Jan 2008 15:49

for Tommy 23 Jan 08: India import duty for the captioned equipment under HS 8525 is 12.5% plus other tax and duty that may be required. If you are a Hong Kong-registered company you can sign up for TDC Link to access TDC database of 520,000 (140,000 from Chinese mainland and 380,000 overseas) business contacts, including buyers, import agents, chain/department stores, retailers, manufacturers and service companies.
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30 Jan 2008 16:15

for Nalinikant Nayak: India import duty for most electrical and mechanical machines classified under Harmonized System Chapters 84 and 85 are 12.5%. However other taxes such anti-dumping and countervailing taxes may be imposed on some commodities.
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02 Feb 2008 12:11

Dear Sir, We are interested in importing Ortho surgical bandages form Korea to India. Please help us in knowing the import duty, if the cost of one unit is Euro 1.60. Also, let me know, what is normally the freight charges from sea transport.
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10 Feb 2008 12:31

I wish to import Nylon 66 Granules from China to India. I wish to know the custom duty and excise duty. The chapter 39 of excise act in India says 12% duty on Nylon chips . Is this duty same on Nylon granules. What are Nylon chips and how do they differ from Nylon granules
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11 Feb 2008 11:44

India import duty for bandages (under HS 3005) for pharmaceutical use is 12.5% and other tax that may be applicable. You should consult the freight company for the transport charges.
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12 Feb 2008 17:59

India import duty rates for nylon moulding powder 39089010 and nylon in other primary forms 39089020 are 12.5% plus any other tax that may be applicable.
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15 Feb 2008 11:08

Hi Can you please tell me the total Import duty in India from China on computer RAM or memory, Memory cards and CPU.
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15 Feb 2008 15:39

India import duty for computer and information technology related products are rated zero.
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16 Feb 2008 12:21

Thanks but I have been told that there is 36% total duty. This includes basic duty, anti dumping duty, and various cess. Can you give me the chapter or heading number or product code of indian customs where I can confirm that all these are zero in India. I’ll be very grateful to you
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16 Feb 2008 17:40

Yes there might be anti-dumping duty imposed by Indian on certain imports and on certain products especially those from China. But we check such there is no such anti-dumping tax imposed on imports of these goods from China. As you may know members of the WTO including India had agreed to eliminate import duty levied on products in the information technology. If you want to go through the website of the Indian import tariff schedules please click here and search Part II Chapter 85.
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18 Feb 2008 11:33

Hi, I would like to know the import duties for Coin Operated Video Gaming Machines in India. Also if importing these Gaming Machines into India thru different countries, is there difference in percentage. Will appreciate your kind help. Tks.
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22 Feb 2008 12:01

India import duty for coin operated games (HS 950430) is 12.5% plus any other tax that may be required. This rate applies to imports from most countries in the WTO list.
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26 Feb 2008 10:06

I am planning to Import Diapers from USA to India.. Can you please give me some details on the Import Tariff on Diapers
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27 Feb 2008 16:09

India import duty for both categories of diapers or napkins classified under HS 48184010 (paper) or under HS No. 56011000 (textiles) is 12.5%, plus any other duties or taxes that may be necessary.
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28 Feb 2008 14:47

I would like to know the import duty tax for conveyors , electrical control panel & ball deck (material handling systems) in india. Thanks for ur help!
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06 Mar 2008 17:50

can any body advise if i want to bring in construction equipment in to india on a temporary basis, what percentage of tax i will suffer...
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07 Mar 2008 11:01

for Dhruv 28 Feb: India import duty at 12.5% would be levied for HS 8428 Other lifting, handling, loading, or unloading machinery (e.g. lifts, escalators, conveyors etc.) and also HS 9032 Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus, plus other taxes may be required by the India Customs.
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08 Mar 2008 11:43

please advice me the import duty on shoe machinery from china the price of the machine is 8400 RMB. Also please indicate any other taxes which one has to pay i also want to know custom duty on paper products like paper handles thanks
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