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import duty in india

Milind Hegde

05 Dec 2007 10:39

More details to the post above: The game is a disc for a Wii, and it is for personal use. It will come from Hong Kong and will be ordered from Play-Asia.com. Thank you.
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sachin singh

10 Dec 2007 09:48

Dear Sir / madam Could you please advise me on import duties in India for sourcing "Hairnet Articles of apparels and clothing accessories " product from China. Please tell me HS code no.
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13 Dec 2007 17:08

for Milind Hegde: Customs duty may be waived for a video game CD brought into the country for personal use.
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Sandro Guidelli

14 Dec 2007 10:58

Dear Sir / madam Could you please advise me on import duties in India for power electronic to drive battery operated electric motors (48V - 400A)
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17 Dec 2007 16:09


for HAJEE MOHAMED SHEIK o4 Dec: India import duty rates for air conditioning machines falling under HS No. 8412.5 in 12.5% plus other taxes if required.
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18 Dec 2007 15:40

for sachin singh 5 and 10 Dec: We belief you will have to search the import duties in India for the listed products as your product descriptions are not very clear. Please click here for India Customs Tariff 2006/07 and key in and search HS Chapters 52 to 55 and Chapter 61 and 62.
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sachin singh

20 Dec 2007 14:39

Dear Sir / madam Could you please advise me on import duties in India for sourcing "disposable surgical goods for commercial use " product from China. Please tell me HS code no.
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21 Dec 2007 15:49

for Guidelli 14 Dec: India import duty for electric portable generators of an output not exceeding 3.5 kVA (HS 8502 20 10) is 12.5% plus other applicable tax.

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29 Dec 2007 15:44

for sachin singh 20 Dec: The captioned goods are classified under HS Heading 3005 –Wadding, gauze, bandages and similar articles, impregnated or coated with pharmaceutical substances or put up in forms or packages for retail sale for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary purposes. The India import duty for these products is rated 10% plus AD/CD and other taxes that may be required by the customs.
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Vishwas Karanth

31 Dec 2007 17:24


Could you advise me on the Import Duties applicable on pre-recorded CDs & DVDs imported into India from the United States?
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02 Jan 2008 16:18

India import duty rates for CD and VCD (HS 85243210 and 85243930) are 12.5%. Other tax may be levied as required by the Indian Customs.
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Robby Saini

04 Jan 2008 15:12

I am exporting a USED Horizontal Boring Machine from USA to India. How much will the import duty on this machine be? I tried looking on the customs website, but could not find it. Thanks!
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Jack Chan

07 Jan 2008 10:35

I would like to know what is the import rate of Mobile phone (CDMA & GSM) to india market? Can i import 2nd hand Nokia mobile phone to india?
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08 Jan 2008 11:28

for Robby Saini 04 Jan 2008: Import duty in India for boring machines classified under HS 8403 is 12.5% plus other taxes that may be required. The TDC Business InfoCentre has subscribed to World Trade Tariff which is made available for searching on line.
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08 Jan 2008 17:19

for Jack Chan 07 Jan 2008: India import duty for mobile phones (HS 85252017) is rated zero. We believe that there should not be any problem for you to import used phone to the market.
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19 Jan 2008 17:34

I want to import RC Car from USA for personal use. Can you please tell me what would be the import duty.
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22 Jan 2008 10:50

Dear sir, i purchased a DVD basically a tutorial online, which costed me 194 Pounds including VAT and other charges. can you please tell me whether any custom duty is applicable on a dvd purchased for personal use.
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23 Jan 2008 11:56

I want to know WiFi equipment import tax for india and any importer name/email you have.
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23 Jan 2008 14:57

India import duty of the RC car classified under heading 9503 - Other toys; reduced size ('scale') models and similar recreational models, working or not; puzzles if all kinds is 12.5% plus any other tax that is applicable.

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23 Jan 2008 15:18

for abhishek: Customs duty may be exempted for goods (including instruments, equipment, computer software etc.) imported into India for educational, training, research and testing purposes.
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