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Import Taxes from China to USA

07 Mar 2006 09:27


I am looking to import some advertising sign from China to USA. Does anyone know the what's the duty rate is?
Thanks a lot
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23 Mar 2006 17:18


There is no customs duty for import of trade advertising material into the USA from China.
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27 Mar 2006 10:25


May I refer to your answer more correctly, did you say that export out from China there no tax needed from the mainland? only tax of receiving country required? Thanks!

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11 Apr 2006 10:21

There are few commodities such as some mineral and metal products that are subject to export tax in China.
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28 Nov 2007 10:23

Is there any export fees associated with buying a camera from China and being shipped to Canada? The value of the camera is 230 euros. thanks for your help.
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10 Dec 2007 10:04


There is no export fee for the camera shipped to Canada from China.
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29 May 2008 11:48

Hi does anyone know the estimate amount of what import taxes will be if I have china dropship clothing to the USA?
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30 May 2008 10:37


Hi I am going to start an online fashion store and will be using two wholesale companies that dropship from China to the US. What type of taxes will be implemented for dropshipping clothing,shoes,jewerly etc.?
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09 Jul 2008 17:09

The US import tariff rates for imported clothing from China can range widely from one category to another. Clothing items are contained in the US Harmonized Tariff Schedules Chapters 60, 61 and 62. Please specify details of the goods before the duty rates can be identified. Same are also true for shoes and jewellery.
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12 Sep 2008 15:05

Hello, I am purchasing camera equipment from a Hong Kong internet retailer. The cost of the lens is $1550 US. How much will the import taxes be?
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24 Sep 2008 10:54


Do I have to pay import charges on electronics such as laptop computers and I-pods from china in the USA.
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16 Oct 2008 11:19

I am a shoe manufacturer in the mainland. I am told that the import duties for shoes are very high in the US, which can range up to 65%. Is it correct?
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23 Oct 2008 11:18

I am importing sunglasses from china to the us. What are the duties and taxes? Some are plastic and some are metal. Thanks you
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04 Nov 2008 15:58

for Michael: US import duty for cameras classified under HS Heading 9006 are free of duty, whereas duty for cameral related accessories may vary from 2% to 6.8%. Please click here for information of fees that may be collected when goods enter the US customs.
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14 Nov 2008 11:19

for Pius Adejumobius 24 Sept: imports of laptop computer (HS 84713001) and Ipod (HS 85198140) are free of import of duty. However according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in addition to duty and possible excise tax, goods imported into the United States are subject to user fees. Please read more in this forum on this subject.
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11 Dec 2008 10:37

for name supplied 23 Oct: US import duty for sunglasses under HS 90041000 is 2%. Please also see other entries in this Forum regarding other fees charged by the US Customs and Border Protection.
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11 Dec 2008 13:25

Hi, Do you know what taxes apply to buying wholesale fabric in China and importing it to the US? Just cotton, hemp, and bamboo fabric. No Clothes. thanks
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20 Dec 2008 15:55

for import auto axle gears from China to US: if the CIF value is $10,000, how much import tax I need to pay?
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20 Jan 2009 12:15

I'm importing a jet ski for $1,112.00 us dollars from china to usa.What type of import tax or duty tax if any may i expect? And upon registering the jet ski at my local office should i expect any other taxes of the jet ski other than that of a direct reflection of the 1,112.00?
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23 Jan 2009 12:10

Hi I am looking to import manufactured (replicated) CD and DVD to the US from China. What are the import taxes and/or fees?
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