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Requirements of importing electronic products to Canada

30 Apr 2009 10:10

I want to import electronic products from China to Canada, such as cables and converters. I know there are certain requirements to meet in order to import electronic products to Canada, such as CSA Standards. Any others?
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06 May 2009 10:49

For those electronic products export to Canada market, Safety test that according to CSA standard is needed. You may provide more product information for further checking what kind of the test is needed.
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11 Nov 2013 14:35

Canadapermitsonline.com understands that retailers and manufacturers in the filled product industry want to learn about their legal obligations related to packaging, labeling, and permits - why it's important, how to do it, and how much it will cost - as easily and in as little time as possible.  


In order for you to sell consumer products in the Canadian market, they must have a "law tag" label on them that identifies the supplier, and many products must be tested by an accredited third party testing agency to applicable industry standard(s).


Please visit the above website to learn the fastest, easiest way for retail stores selling consumer products in Canada to get their factories correctly registered.  Vendors can register online. 

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