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Distribution Right

08 Feb 2010 09:32

We just became an official distributor for a product in HK & China. However, we realised there are online shops that are selling the product that we just bought a distribution right for, and they are not from us. On their website, they are using our products photos without ours / our parent's company authorisation. We suspect these goods are factory rejects (as they are way below the RRP), the china online shop claimed their products to be Factory Overmakes, the one in HK claimed to be the Genuine Good. What action can we take? Is it legal for them to do so? Thank you!
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26 Mar 2010 14:40

If a distributor finds out that its products are being sold through other sales channels in the same region, it should collect the relevant information and evidence and lodge a written complaint with the production enterprise immediately. Please check here for a special report by the TDC titled “Guide to Selling in China” for more information.
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27 Dec 2012 10:08

as you are the officail distributor of this product in hk and china mainland, so you have the rights to protect you. One important side is that you should collect the evidences that show the other people are selling the same products online without your authorization. The more important side is that you should contact the brand owner and report to them the facts. The brand owner has responsibility to guarantee official distributors interests. For more references, you are welcome to contact Romeo lau and co which is specialized in IPR and experienced in brand protection. info@dmc-canto.com 

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