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Trademark registration

15 Sep 2003 19:03

How does a person like myself register a trademark? I do not own, nor care to start a company of my own. So please answer my question, before I run to the bank. I promise, I won't forget whomever I should thank.
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15 Sep 2003 19:09

You do not need to run or own a company in order to register a trademark. A trademark is a personal property owned by a legal entity, which can be an individual. But the applicant must use or has the intention to use the trademark in relation to the goods or services for which he registers the mark. On application procedures, it's rather simple. Go to the website of the Intellectual Property Department and download the application form (T2), complete and return it to the Department with the necessary fee (HK$1,300 in the case of one mark in one class of goods or services).

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17 Sep 2003 11:35

You may obtain more information at http:/www.ipagent.com.hk.>
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11 May 2005 17:48

But if you want to register the trademark in China as well, as a
foreign applicant, you have to use a company as an applicant.
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16 Apr 2006 12:28

You can find out how to register trade mark from our website, in
English, free download: www.ohiti.com
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27 Apr 2006 10:14

For your information there are many trademark infringement cases in
Indonesia. The Indonesian Trademark Office only acknowledges the
'first-to-file' system on any trademark disputes. If you wish to protect your trademark in Indonesia, you may send e-mail: info@hadromi.com or visit our website: www.hadromi.com.

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30 Apr 2006 10:01

Re "name supplied's" comment above: As I understand, a foreigner
in China is able to register trademark ownership under his own personal name, i.e. a company name is not needed as the owner of the trademark.
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29 Dec 2009 12:35

You may check www.remidian-bahureksa.com for more information concerning Trade Mark, Copyrights, or Patent Registration.
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18 Feb 2010 11:16

Please do not hesitate to contact our firm www.yufendypartners.com for more information regarding Trade Mark, Designs or Patent Registration in Indonesia. We speak Mandarin and basic Cantonese.
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