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Liquors and wines to China

24 Jul 2005 17:06

Would like to know tariffs for liquors and wines of North American Orgin (US, Canada, Mexico) to China and Hong Kong.


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24 Jul 2005 17:42


The import duties in China for wines and liquors are respectively 14% and 10% plus 17% value added tax, applying to imports from most favoured nations (including the mentioned countries). There are no import duties for such imports into Hong Kong. However they are subject to excise tax if these goods are removed for local consumption.
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27 Aug 2005 08:51


I would like to know the tax for importing Liquor or Wine
directly from Singapore or via Hong Kong? When mentioned about "most
favoured nations", which country are you referring to? Is Singapore 1 of them? Please kindly advise. Thank you and best regards.
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29 Aug 2005 11:25

The rates of import duty for wines and liquors are 14% and 10% respectively in 2005 for imports from most favoured nations including Singapore. Value added tax of 17% will also be levied. There is no difference in duties levied on imports directly from Singapore or via Hong Kong.
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17 Jan 2006 10:56

We are importing wine from Italy, is Italy a most favoured nation under tax China's Policy. What will be the import duty tax 17% or 14% plus the VAT 17%?
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17 Jan 2006 17:46

Import duty for wines is 14% plus 17% VAT for imports from most favoured nations including Italy.
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21 Mar 2006 09:24

Is there still specific legislation on wine import from france and what are the related documents to be presented to tax bureau / quarantine inspection.
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29 Mar 2006 09:48

I would like to know the tariff on importing wines from the US to China and the length of time it takes for label approval.
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31 Mar 2006 10:03

What is the tariff on bottled wine? What is the tariff on bulk wine that will be bottled and labeled in China?
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03 Apr 2006 10:54

if i understand you right in china i do not need to require an
import license like in hong kong but it needs to go through a inspection and quarantine control at the Chinese Customs. but what does quarantine control means?
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06 Apr 2006 15:48


For Shula: Import duty for wines in 2006 is charged at the rate of 14% in container of less than 2 litres, and 20% in container of more than 2 litres, plus 17% VAT and 10% consumption tax for both packing.
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11 Apr 2006 17:33

If I want to import wine/distilled spirit from France to China, what is the import tariff/consumption tax/VAT?
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11 Apr 2006 17:36

Please refer to this link for import tariff and VAT on wines imported into China and also: http://forum.tdctrade.com/forum/Forum7/HTML/000132.html
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22 Apr 2006 10:31

Wine in 3 litre containers has 20% Import tax, 17% VAT and 10%
consumption tax (compounding). From Australia do you use $4.35 per litre CIF minimum even if the value is less?
i.e. 4.35x1.2X1.17X1.1 per litre?
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25 Apr 2006 17:39

for Ebichu:

Please check here for the meaning of quarantine.

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03 May 2006 15:04

For Peter Lombardo:

All stated percentages are ad valorem and apply to the taxable value (i.e. the CIF value and other cost and fee associated with such import) of the wines during importation into China. The total tax payable is calculated as follow:
20% + 10% + 17% + 20% x 17%
----------------------------- X CIF value
1 – 10%

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07 Jul 2006 17:21

Dear Sir,
we want to export liquor to China from India in bulk packages. Please let me know some buyers and procedures in china. we would be grateful for you for assisting us.
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21 Jul 2006 10:12

We would suggest search your buyers contacts in the TDC Sourcing or the Alibaba.com. There are no special requirements for importing liquors in China apart from licensing, inspection and quarantine controls.
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09 Aug 2006 10:13

After 2006-4-1, the "food and cosmetic products' labelling
pre-inspection certificate" is not required by AQSIQ, but the labelling of food and cosmetic products must comply to the Chinese National Standards.

Contact us or visit our website http://www.ccc-us.com/ for more information.

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10 Aug 2006 10:28

On the subject of investing in the wine market in China, here are two good articles that I stumbled across which might be interesting to some of you. http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/en/beijing/cib/2006_05/imported-wines-widen-appeal http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/en/beijing/cib/2006_05/wine-sector-maturing-fast


thomas at innovatize.com

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