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Chrome ore to China for export

17 Dec 2008 11:24


Our business has been running in hong kong for quite some time now for import of chrome to China from Pakistan. With the current market situation chrome ore has hit an all time low. The price of chrome ore has hit the bottom already and now we need help to buy more goods before the market has real activity and the prices start to steadily increase. Basically we buy the goods now and hedge to sell at a greater price. Any ideas and/or JV's and/or venture capitalists welcome.
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14 Jan 2009 11:29

Turkey might be a new supplier for you. One of my client has quite a big amount of chrome in his stock, which is ready for shipping (Some offer already given for that), in Turkey. Furthermore, we have contact with several chrome producers and have an opportunity to supply chrome in monthly basis. Moreover, our clients (ore producers) do not only produce chrome but manganese, red marble and so on. Whether, you interested about any ore which we can supply to you please do not hesitate to contact with me for the details of the products and our services. Regards.
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16 Jan 2009 12:25

Canadian junior Noront Resources (TSX-V NOT) is sitting on two massive chromite deposits in the lower James Bay basin. With the diminishing Arctic ice and opening Northwest Passage this would be a prime prospect for a major Chinese steel mfg. to acquire. Guaranteed supply of chrome for years in a politically stable, mining friendly country, plus the possibility of smelting ore on site with abundant, inexpensive hydro-electricity available. That is the future, just my opinion of course.
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21 Mar 2009 16:12

Global Enterprises is a subsidiary of Seatrade Group (www.seatrade.com.pk). GE has been Processing and Exporting Chrome Ore Lumps and Concentrate to the China. We would be open to any proposal to enhance the Biz for the mutual gain. Please write to us at your earliest. Sincerely, Jamal Khawer Director, Global Enterprises, Karachi - Pakistan
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29 Dec 2009 12:26

Dear Sirs, We are in the business of export of mineral products from Pakistan. Basically we wish to export Chrome Ore of 36 to 42%, Manganese Ore and Iron Ore and invite companies to forward us their inquiries for the above items to enable us to submit our complete specifications and quote the prices. with thanks and kind regards / Email: hamsscorporation@hotmail.com
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09 Jul 2010 10:25

Content has been deleted!
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26 Nov 2011 11:44


Please contact me for business cooperation in ores.





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08 Mar 2013 11:32


Dear sir/madam..

                            Its me Muhammad qadir from Pakistan. We have  mine site of chromite in the province of nangarhar, in the North of the Afghanistan.  We are operating some of the sites and wish to find more investors to operate other areas.   We will be able to make necessary moves to open doors to welcome your intention of investments in our region.

Our Office is in Pakistan.


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25 Jul 2013 09:20

Basically you can set up a WFOE-wholly froreign owned enterprise in China that enbables to import and sell to Chinese markets.


Romeo lau & Co. has nearly ten years experience in setting the Chinese company and arrange trding licenses. www.dmc-canto.com

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