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EU environment protection rule

23 Apr 2010 14:13

What is the impact of the EU environment protection rule for exporters of the product industry?
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25 Apr 2010 20:26

The EU rules on the eco-design of energy-using products (EuP) will affect all links in the industry chain, from design, manufacturing and transport to disposal. The regulation will also influence the trade of all energy-using products except vehicles and will have "a direct impact on companies involved in the machinery and electronics industries, chemicals and metallurgy.
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27 Apr 2010 22:18

Other from that, I think it will increase the cost in product development - including research, environmental impact assessment, procurement of technologies and patents, and energy consumption testing.
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28 Apr 2010 14:25

However, I think in the medium and long term, firms can lower their costs by optimizing design, controlling materials during manufacture and reducing disposal costs, because environmental impact will be factored into their strategies.
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19 May 2011 16:30

EU regulators are constantly toughening up existing laws and coming up with new ones. Most of these affect common household goods, including electrical appliances and goods containing chemicals, such as toys, footwear or textiles. Hong Kong’s electrical and electronic equipment sellers will already be aware of the hard-hitting changes being devised by means of a recast to the RoHS and WEEE Directives. Please read more from an article by TDC research on Developments in environmental law mount, with impact visible on Hong Kong’s exports to the EU.

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