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Sustainable consumption and production

18 Apr 2010 13:49

Can anyone tell more about the Action Plan carried out by European Commission mainly for sustainable consumption, production and industry ?
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19 Apr 2010 08:44

The European Commission put forward a package of actions for sustainable consumption, production and industry. The new package sets out a number of voluntary and obligatory actions and policy proposals to encourage and define eco-friendly products more widely. The package, which includes the revision of the ecodesign Directive (see above), also aims to promote international trade in environmentally friendly goods and services. The package of measures, contained in "action plans" on sustainable consumption, and sustainable production and industry, includes: - a proposal to expand the scope of the Ecolabel, and other energy efficiency labelling; - new rules to favour green public procurement practices; a revision of the voluntary eco-management and audit scheme; - work with retailers and consumers; and - promoting sustainable production and consumption internationally. - Labelling
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19 Apr 2010 09:12

More information can be found at the following link: http://www.hktdc.com/info/vp/a/gmfg/en/1/5/1/1X002UUO/Action-Plan-For-Sustainable-Consumption-Production-And-Industry.htm
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