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Green Business in China

03 Apr 2010 10:23


I am currently doing green business in Hong Kong and want to expand my business to China. Yet, mine is just a small enterprise. Is there any prospect?
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10 Apr 2010 14:13

Sure. As the Guangdong governement implemented more and more green policies regarding the manfactureing production, PRD manufacturers tend to use Hong Kong as a platform to obtain services support, including green technology and services.
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15 Apr 2010 18:45

Actually, coupled with Hong Kong's advantages in financial support and protection of intellectual property rights, Hong Kong companies are increasingly partnering with foreign companies to tap the opportunities in environmental goods and services in the PRD. You are the ideal partners for foreign players to enter the PRD market as industry contacts are valuable assets in establishing business in China.
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28 Apr 2010 20:11

Yes, man. You got a lot of advantages and potentials in expanding your business in China. Grasp this chance!
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30 Apr 2010 09:19

You forgot CEPA? It is another advantage for foreign environmental industry players to partner with Hong Kong companies to tap the PRD market. So, you are worth to step forward to develop your business.
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25 Oct 2010 16:10

It is reported by the end of last year, China ranked the second in wind power output with wind power capacity of 25.8 GW following the U.S., but it is expected to become the largest wind power generator by the year end. The HKTDC webpage has provided a special feature for 'Green Manufacturing' in Hong Kong and China. To know more go here.

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