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free sale certificate

24 Nov 2009 11:26


Would like to enquire where can we get a free sale certificate in Hong Kong? We need the FSC for export of food from HK to Malaysia and Indonesia. Thanks.
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11 Jan 2010 10:30


You may like to refer to Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong for export of food – certification requirement.
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01 Apr 2010 22:04


I need to know where to get a free sales certificate for cosmetic & medical personal-use devices manufactured in Hong Kong, for sale in Peru. We are a US company having these items manufactured in HK & have clients in Peru seeking government approvals to import the products.
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12 Apr 2010 14:09


Local Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products with a licence for manufacturer may apply, in writing, for a Free Sale Certificate of pharmaceutical products, subject to the payment of a fee prescribed in the Pharmacy & Poisons Regulation. For details please check here for the Government Department of Health.
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26 May 2010 16:14




We are a Business Services company providing Corporate services and Business Consultancy services.  


We can assist you in getting the necessary government documents so that you can concentrate in running your business.  


Contact us to begin this process: info@orientalbizservices.com  


Visit us for more info: http://www.orientalbizservices.com    

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31 May 2012 09:11




We are retail cosmetic company in South America and we found many manufacturers in china but they do not posses GMPC or Free Sale Certificate from their government. They only have these certificates from private companies as SGS and Intertek.


These private company certificates are not acceptable in South America (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, or Colombia).


We haven't tried honk kong, but the feel that may be the same.


We are looking forward to hire a company that can do this paperwork for us.


Thank you

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31 May 2012 17:57


Please refer to Cosmetics -- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) -- Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices featured in International Organization for Standardization.

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30 Nov 2013 11:32


Do you also provide support to obtain free sale certificate from hong kong to export to europe?

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05 Dec 2013 09:06


Dear Moderator,


We are selling suncare product in Hong Kong.  Where can we get a Free Sales Certificate for such product in Hong Kong?

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13 Dec 2013 15:15


Please apply the free sale certificate from the Cosmetic and Perfumery Association of Hong Kong by checking their website here.

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07 Feb 2014 15:43


If you need any support for documentation for cosmetics in China- Free Sale Certificate and Power of Attorney please send an email: paralab_2005@hotmail.com

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01 Mar 2014 09:57


Hi, I need information in how to get Free Sale Certificate from TOYS. We are a distributor in Mexico for several Toy Manufacturers but our government ask for that document in order to proceed with the exportation. 



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03 Mar 2014 09:49


The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China. They handle Documents for clearance of customs or the others in Foreign Trade: (1) Commercial Contract, Agreements,Price List,Proforma Invoice,Freight Invoice (2) Certificates of Assignments of Commercial Contracts or Agreements (3) Powers of Attorney or Letters of Authorization (4) Business Licenses (5) Certificates of Change of Name or Address of Company (6) Articles of Association (7) Certificates of Bank Credit (8) Business certificates, such as certificates of Registration of Agrochemicals, Certificates of Engineering, Certificates of Sales, Certificates of Analysis, Test Reports, ect. Please contact the CCPIT for more information.

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17 Jun 2014 16:37


Dear Moderator, how do I obtain of free sale certificate for spirits/liquor for export purposes?


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01 Aug 2014 09:55


We are a HK company in beverage business while our products are produced in Philippines, Thailand and China, how can I apply for the certificate of free sale.  It seems that without this certificate, we cannot do the customs registration in a lot of countries.

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29 Aug 2016 19:51




we would like to export food product *non-meat origin product to SEA MKT e.g. Mayanmar, checking the above link, which is for meat origin food product. 

Where should I apply for the free sale cert for non-meal origin food product?

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