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Company Kit for Company Formation

11 Nov 2009 11:12

Hi there, I notice when formation a new company via the Agents, their services will come with all the governmental and certified documents, but with the "Company Kit" being optional. Just wondering, after a company is registered, is it necessary to have all the items in the Company Kit to be available? (i.e. The Green Box, Statutory Record Book, Share Certificates, Memorandum & Articles, company chops) Would we purchase these items ourselves? Or we have to purchase them via the Company Formation Agents? Thank you!
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11 Nov 2009 16:19


It is necessary to file the Memorandum & Articles of Association together with the other application forms with the Registry when you incorporate the company. It is also required by law to maintain certain statutory records for the company. Strictly speaking, you could purchase these items yourselves if you know where to buy them but will be time-consuming and not cost effective. Please email info@a-swiss.com or check out www.a-swiss.com for more information.
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12 Nov 2009 17:22

The Green Box, pretty certain, is optional. It is merely a device to store the corporate documents. Others, such as the Register of Members, Registered of Directors and Secretary (together known as Statutory Records) are required to be updated and maintained by the Companies Ordinance. It would be very troublesome and time consuming that you prepare all those statutory records by yourself. Even in the case that you form the company by yourself, you may still want to consider appointing a company secretarial firm, like Kaizen (http://www.bycpa.com/) to act as company secretary of your company and let them update and maintain the statutory records for you.
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21 Dec 2009 11:10

In general, when you have incorporated a Hong Kong Limited Company, the service provider would provide the standard package of Company Kit (green box) for you. Of course, you can order the company kit by yourself, but it takes time and extra administration works. Furthermore, you are advised to appoint a company secretary to up-date the statutory documents at Companies Registry. For details, please feel free to contact us at info@metoproassociates.com.hk or surf our web site at www.metoproassociates.com.hk
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22 Dec 2009 11:29

To name supplied: The green box for storing the company documents is absolutely optional and personal. The box is only presented to you as a package of the company formation service and of course at additional charges.
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21 Jan 2014 09:43

Provision of the company kit including Share Certificates, Minute Book, Register of Shareholders and Directors, Company Seal and Company Chop 


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16 Jul 2014 07:53


Very Good question!

Documents in the Company kit is very important. Don't go after literal meaning of the Company kit or just the Green box. 


1. Memorandum > constitution, if absent no existence of entity

2. Articles > how the party will roll and rock in the entity

3. Share Certificates> to raise money and honey

4. company chops > ink chops seal deals > metal seal make deeds, also need brew honey by sealing each share certificate.

5 .Statutory Record Book > for inspection of good and bad deeds and how the party was rolling and rocking in the entity.


 For further invoke at Templegate Limited through google search.

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30 Apr 2015 10:08

Kaizen is too costly..Avoid it.

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