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Doing business in Hong Kong

28 Nov 2008 16:19


Are there any special requirements for a Partnership Business in Hong Kong to export/import any kinds of electronic, electrical devices and computer parts? Is it possible for a Partnership company to perform an export/import business in Hong Kong?
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09 Dec 2008 11:38


can anybody tell me about the steps of submission and requirement to run a business in hk, and what form need to fill in..
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24 Dec 2008 16:33


Amid the financial turmoil, Hong Kong’s merchandise exports will likely decline by 6%, said in the TDC Research report Hong Kong’s Export Outlook for 2009. Respectively domestic exports and re-exports would fall by 20% and 5.5%.

Despite the multibilliom dollar rescue measures of various governments and authorities, the global economy will remain in the doldrums. The outlook for traditional markets is especially gloomy. Givem the economic headwinds, the long-running consumption spree in traditional markets, especially the US and the EU, has subsided, with consumer confidence hitting an all time low.

Developing economies are apparently not immune to the financial crisis. While falling demand from traditional markets will dampen exports of emerging economies, a contraction of foreign capital inflows will also take its toll. Yet some emerging economies are expected to outperform most developed economies.

Despite the widespread financial crisis, China will remain in the spotlight as the largest single growth driver in the Asian region. China exports will moderate amid cooling global demand and sustained production costs. The Chinese government, endowed with the largest foreign reserves worldwide, is will poised to adopt stimulus measures to counteract the negative external shock and to provide impetus to growth.

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05 Jan 2009 10:35


kevince, Runing a business in Hong Kong is quite straight forward, you can set up a proprietorship, partnership or a limited company. No matter which status you may take, you need to apply a valid business registration certificate. In general, you are advised to set up a limited company in order to minimize the risk of personal liabilities. A limited company requires at least ONE shareholder, ONE director, ONE company secretary. The shareholder and director can be the same person of any nationality. However the company secretary must be a local resident or a Hong Kong Company. For details, please surf our web site at www.metoproassociates.com.hk or contact us at info@metoproassociates.com.hk
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15 Dec 2010 10:35


There are different licensing requirements for various types of business in Hong Kong. We would like to refer you to a useful Guide for Business Licences in Hong Kong on e.g. employment agency, travel agent, restaurant or education business etc.  

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07 Feb 2011 14:18


we can support you - more details - mail to us prologimpex@gmail.com  -RIFAYE

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10 Feb 2011 11:48


We provide one-stop shop professional services to support beginners starting up their own businesses as well as small and medium size enterprises (SME) in Hong Kong. For details of the HK company formation requirement and the cost, please kindly refer to http://www.profitaccounting.hk.  Thank you.

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12 Apr 2011 17:12


Small and medium businessmen wishing to start up a business in Hong Kong would have many considerations from the generation of new ideas to their implementation, from operational management to sales promotion, and procedures at every step. The SME start-up programme offered by the HKTDC provides supporting services for each of these important stages on your roadmap, including preparations, implementation and development stages. The HKTDC has formed strategic alliances with various organisations to support Hong Kong entrepreneurs and SME start-ups. These alliances offer all-around support and assistance to new companies. For details please click here for the special page.

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16 Jun 2011 16:25


For companies registered under the Companies Ordinance, company search can be conducted at the Companies Registry's Cyber Search Centre or the Companies Registry's Public Search Centre on the 13th floor of Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong. For details on the electronic search services and search fees, please download the Companies Registry's information pamphlets "How to Obtain Company Information" .

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07 Oct 2015 11:09


Businesses that Require License http://www.asiaexplorer.hk/hong-kong-business-licenses/

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29 Aug 2016 19:50


In Hong Kong, to get a license a company must register itself into Companies Registry. Companies Registry helps to register all the documentation needed by different governmental Ordinances pertaining to enterprises. What kind of license is required to your Hong Kong business? http://www.asiaexplorer.hk/hong-kong-business-licenses/

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