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how to set up an online store to sell vitamins from overseas

08 May 2008 09:30

I'm interested in opening an online store selling vitamins in HK by importing the goods from overseas. Do I set up the company as if it is a physical company? What would be the proper step to establish an online store? Also, how about if I was thinking to setup a store on ebay? Apparently one of the products that I was interested in (GLUCOSAMINE) is listed under the "Registered Pharmaceutical Products". Just wondering in this case, do I need to apply for an import license for it (i.e. Certificate of Registration as an Importer)? If so, meaning I have to have my company registered in HK? Finally, just want to confirm, it is fine to sell a well-established products from overseas in HK as this would be classified as the "parallel goods"? Thank you.
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12 Jun 2008 09:00

You can conduct your online store business by setting up an unincorporated business or a limited company. Please click here for the application and procedures for setting up such a company in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Department of Health is the controlling authority responsible for registering pharmaceutical products and issuance of import and export licences. You can check here for such details.
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