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Used Mobile Phones - Import to HK

03 Feb 2006 17:32


I would like to import used mobile phones from the UK into Hong Kong, with the possibility of selling to HK as well as mainland China buyers.

Is this going to be possible - are there any specific HK import duties on used mobile phones, and is re-export to the mainland then possible?

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12 Feb 2006 15:42


There is no import duty for used mobile phone imported into Hong Kong. However it is believed that the market for such used phones in Hong Kong is limited as new phone models churning out to market by leading producers, thus making the market extremely competitive. In China used electrical machinery is on the list of prohibited imports.
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08 Mar 2006 11:32


Hi Gabriel
Can you send me some info of what sort of phones you have and the cost, etc? I'm in the process of doing some business in South Africa.
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04 Aug 2009 10:37


please send me the quotation of the mobile phones at mehtabssandhu@yahoo.com
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08 Apr 2011 11:06


We are interested in buying your used mobile phones, please send us your photos and quotations. Our markets are in west Africa. Looking forward to your reply soon. Best regards, Alex


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03 May 2011 10:41


We would recommend you search through the HKTDC sourcing website and you can find some suppliers of used mobile phones in Hong Kong for your contact.

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07 Nov 2011 11:00




Glad hear you that you are enquire a reliable cell phone supplier. This is Andrew from Keys technology (HK) Co,.Ltd,we are specialized in GSM cell phone for many years.Good quality and good price is our main aim for all customers.Do you need more information,Please contact me promptly,thanks! Email: plus.score@gmail.com

by ALEX - 08 Apr 2011 11:06

We are interested in buying your used mobile phones, please send us your photos and quotations. Our markets are in west Africa. Looking forward to your reply soon. Best regards, Alex


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21 Mar 2012 11:17


If you are interested in used mobile phone please send me your contact detail via e mial: piotr.jankowski@teletorium.pl

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03 Aug 2012 09:30


Hello everybody,


we are a German Company that sells used mobile phones, now we want to enter the Chinese market or Hong Kong. We sell almost every model, if anyone is interested please feel free to contact me: lm@veevii.de


I would also like to know how to contact some companies and if you know if there are any conditions of exporting to China / Hong Kong.


best regards

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21 Sep 2012 11:41




I am a supplier of used mobile phones on a whole sale basis, mainly specializing in blackberries.


Please contact me if you are interested in importing these phones for the African market.

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28 Sep 2012 09:42




Can you send me the model list along with the price to my email.

I'm currently looking for a supplier of used mobile phones.


email: ksta87@ymail.com


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09 Nov 2012 15:07


Welcome. Are you importing phones used from Europe? We have a large amount of new and used phones and recycling phones. Are you interested? messages: karol.kwiatek@skuptelefonow.pl.

"Poland's largest mobile purchase"  www.SkupTelefonow.pl

Regards, Charles

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14 Dec 2012 10:32


we used phone biers in india if u can supply us then mail us back

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26 Dec 2012 10:38


Please contact bffkorea@gmail.com to request me a quote.


I am a used cell phone supplier in Korea,
and we are capable to collect ave. 150 used smart phones are collected on daily basis.


Feel free to email me any time.


Thank you.



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22 Jan 2013 17:34


hello can u contact me please i am interested in importing used cell phone my e.mail.. hambalshah@yahoo.com 

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30 Jan 2013 10:54


We wish to supply 7 day to 14 day return used mobiles. Blaxkberry and iphones

#2 quality cdma and gsm contact us for list and prices ward_assoc@yahoo.com

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11 Mar 2013 11:38


pls am interested in buying used blackberry phones, pls some contact me via email.....timipre77@yahoo.com

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11 Mar 2013 11:39


hi please email your prices i want to import for pakistan.

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11 Mar 2013 11:40


We are Korea based used phone supplier.


More than 90% of my  supply is either Samsung or iPhone(few LG's and SKY's).


Currently, exporting to HK. My business is expanding and in return, looking for more buyers.

If you are interested, contact me ;



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13 Mar 2013 08:40


Good afternoon ! My name is Igor, situated in honk kong. We are looking for used phones and good price and let’s go to make our business.

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