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Cosmetics Import Tax in Hong Kong

11 Nov 2004 09:13


If I want to import some UK brand Cosmetic products to Hong Kong, how much is the import tax?
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12 Nov 2004 09:58


Hong Kong is a free port and hence has no import tax. Dutiable commodities subject to excise duties are limited to four commodities namely liquor, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil and methyl alcohol.
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13 Nov 2004 16:11


So what you meant is, even cosmetic and skincare product is duty
free? Even I import a lot from overseas to Hong Kong? Few months ago, in Hong Kong, we have got a based on UK's Cosmetic and skincare Company "Boots" to have their product for sale in Watsons, and I found that, their product is very expensive than UK, is nearly a double or triple prices....If I want to start a online business for selling cheap Boots Products to Hong Kong people. And I am living in UK, if I import large amount of Boots product to HK, do I have to pay the duties? Another question, is the cosmetic duties was cancelled since Hong Kong return to China Government? Because I remember that in 1993, the cosmetic duties are about 30%.
Thank you for answering my question.
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13 Nov 2004 16:20

Apart from the products mentioned above, there are no import duties imposed on cosmetics and skin care products. You are quite right that there had been import duties for cosmetics and skin care products imposed for a short period of time many years ago but were abolished long before 1997.
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25 Nov 2004 10:31


If I want to import my products to Hong Kong. How much do I have
to pay for the import taxes?
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25 Nov 2004 10:49

There in no need to pay import taxes for the imports of cosmetics into Hong Kong.
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15 Dec 2004 15:51

I am interested in selling automobile electronics online in the United
States, I had browsed online looking for an electronics wholesale
distributor and found one in China that will sell me products at a
fraction of what they cost here in the USA.

Now my question is how do I go about having them imported to the USA, like
what are the procedures, I was told that is was FOB in China, I am new to starting my own business and would like some help on this matter, like how do I get the item's in my possession, I have a friend that has a NYS tax ID number and is willing to apply it for me if needed.
Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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24 Dec 2004 10:15

Moderator & Dorothy: Is that legally to sell cosmetics product, i.e. Boots in Hong Kong. Any exclusive agreement that signed between Boots and Watson?
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27 Dec 2004 10:14

While we know that the Boots skin care products are being sold in Watsons, we cannot ascertain whether there is an exclusive agreement between the two companies. Imports of Boots products from other sources and by a party other than the exclusive agent (this is so-called parallel imports), are permitted in Hong Kong and of course can be sold in the local market. If you can notice that there are quite a number of retailers in Hong Kong selling branded cosmetics and skin care products imported from their own sources. However it should be stressed here that they are not faked products.
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31 Dec 2004 11:55

The following website of Boots describes about their working relationships with Hong Kong, Taiwan and internationally:
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22 Feb 2005 10:41


What about import duty on cosmetics and skin care products for
China mainland?
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23 Feb 2005 09:22


Import duties for cosmetics and skin products in China are charged at 10% in 2005, 17% value added tax, and 30% commodity tax.
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27 Feb 2005 09:58


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21 Mar 2005 11:33

I am looking to buy a sony psp for personal use from Japan or
Hong Kong and want to know how much import tax I can expect to pay.
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22 Mar 2005 11:05

There is no import tax for this product in Hong Kong, but if you bring it to China for personal use it may be taxed at 10% for electronic goods.
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07 Jan 2010 11:43

Could you tell me information on importing soaps from india to hong kong? what do i need to think about? is it as simple as buying the goods form the company in india and sending them? or am i missing something?
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18 Feb 2010 17:42


There are no specific controls on imports of soaps and cosmetics in Hong Kong. Nor are there any import duty or tax levied on the captioned goods.
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01 Mar 2010 09:11


Hi Moderator, I have two questions regarding the import of cosmetic and skin products. (1) If they don't require tax/duty, does the import of these products require any import license? (2) Cosmetic products can cover many varieties. When you mean that these products are duty-free, do they cover perfume and hair gel? Thanks. Please tell.
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18 May 2010 14:04

Regarding the licensing requirements for importing cosmetics into HK, I read that the Dutiable Commodities Ordinance requires any person who manufactures or imports cosmetic products or keeps a warehouse for dutiable cosmetics to be licensed by the Customs and Excise Department. Could you please confirm that because cosmetics do not require duty/tax, they do not require import licensing?

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20 May 2010 12:23

To strengthen Hong Kong’s competitiveness, the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department had in 1989 abolished the practice of requiring retailers and dealers of dutiablecommodities to acquire licences, soon after duty on cosmetics and non-alcoholicbeverages was scrapped.

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