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Looking for furniture manufacturers and shipping companies

14 Mar 2006 10:03


I am an individual designer based in UK. i've got a design or a wooden furniture which I am looking for a manufacturers in China for Asian markets.

Q1. Is there any good sites that I can find information and contacts of wooden furniture manufacturers in China?
Q2. About shipping to Asia market, where can i find contacts and information of those companies?

Thank you very much for your time.

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18 Mar 2006 14:35


Please search the TDC Sourcing which lists a large contingent of business contacts in both Hong Kong and China, classified by products and services. Just click here for details. You may also wish to visit the TDC Business InfoCentre where you will find a large number of China trade directories listing various manufacturing industries in Hong Kong with catalogues and contact details.
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26 Mar 2006 10:49


may be i can help you....since i know some forwarding companies which
doing import and export....please feel free to mail me
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07 Apr 2006 11:48


For furniture supplier, you might want to contact Modern
Furniture at Email:
modern2004@biznetvigator.com or visit its website www.table-chair-sofa.com
You could mention Diana Tsang from PLJ Network to get him acquainted.
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03 May 2006 10:23


We are a wooden furniture manufacturer with factories in southern
China. Pls email us your spec (clarissa@red-cabinet.com.hk)
and we could advise if it is something we can produce for you.
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04 May 2006 11:06


It depends on which kind of wood that you wish to have. As south
east asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam are wood
producing countries, they've a good source of teak wood furniture
producer. You can visit the web page of 2 international furniture
exhibition held in Singapore and Malaysia on last March.
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06 Sep 2006 14:30


we are a professional wood furniture manufacturer. you may visit our website : www.intech-cn.cn for the catalogue
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06 Jan 2009 09:53


hi! I'm Ms. Cherlyn Liwag. I'm from philippines, and i'm currently into designing furniture and other home decors made out of weaved dried water lily.We are living near lakes which these water lilies grow at large & is a problem, so we came up on solving these problems by using it in a more reproductive things like using this to make several kinds of handmade items.That includes furniture, baskets,home decors.I believe that our designs are all unique,as every detail is handmade.We just produce it at our own backyard and is very interested on expanding someday.I'm looking for companies who are interested with our products and export some of it abroad.I hope that we can do business someday. if you are interested with some of our items, just contact me at chetrudis@yahoo.com. thank you
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02 Mar 2009 11:28


Dear Helen There're few kinds of wooden furniture and MDF is one kind of it. You might be interested to know more about it. Guess I could help you to link up some trusted partners as My family member own a furniture factory in vietnam and China pls contact chris.tu@mukti-design.com for further discuss. Best Rgds Chris
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30 Mar 2009 16:07


For the wooden furniture, it depends on the kind of wood used. For teak, Indonesia and Vietnam is the places. also for mahogany, indonesia is the right one to see. For the company you are want to see, it depended on the kind of furniture will produce. for other things, i'm for almost 20 years has been playing with furniture field at these area. For other things, and if you can count on me just contact me at teakstock@gmail.com
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02 Feb 2010 10:02


My factory is KDF furniture, jepara Central Java Indonesia. We manufacturer of furniture, and ready be partner with you why not in Indonesia. thanks
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22 Nov 2011 09:24


Whether bedroom furniture, living room, kitchen of home office furniture, one of the best places to start is online. Of course, when you shop online or offline, you will need to buy furniture that matches the already existing style of your rooms. The colors, fabric, texture and design should be well matched so nothing is out of place. With a greater choice online you will be easier able to achieve this.  orangery

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28 Nov 2011 12:01


We are a furniture manufacturerin zhejiang china, we mian doing wooden KD furniture .You can e-mail to me for further discuss by coco.zj@hotmail.com.


tell us what kind the furniture you want,we may can help you.

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01 Mar 2012 16:51


We are a manufacturing company specializing in OEM manufacturing of wooden, metalic acrylic and glass furniture and props. We are located in haimen which is next to the port and just 2 hour2 away from shanghai airport. For more information please contact me at 2473614081@qq.com  



Jeremy Tan

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10 Mar 2012 12:09


we are the freight forwarder in china.we can offer you sea freight,airfreight from china to all around the world.please fell free to contact me james.guo@sztaizhou.com

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19 Mar 2012 11:05


hello . most furniture   factory   in  ZheJiang , GuangZhou.  in china.


two  city  have 90%   furniture manufactures.  because  they  near the seashore.


if you have any question .can ask me


usually  if you just need sample  , send by DHL.  if need  large quantity.   you can directly sign contact with shipping companies.



usually  factory , is the first .  others.  if you looking for salesman .  they can arrange them all . but the price  not control by yourself.






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06 Jun 2012 11:42


Dear Manager


We are a shipping company here in south china, and cooperate with many furniture factory,so if you need any help,please let me know.




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29 Apr 2015 14:08


Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a producer from Kosovo, we can supply a high quality luxury furniture, very very competitive prices with very good payment terms. Please check the web page below
http://www.ciaoberto.com/Pls confirm email receipt.
Best Regards
Veton Maxhuni
Mob/Viber/WhatUp/ +37744173329

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