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Import duties from China to US

21 Apr 2006 16:01


Hi. I'm a new small business owner, and I'm interested in importing some electronics including small speakers and amplifiers from China to the U.S. Can you tell me what I can expect with regards to import duties, taxes, and any other expenses that I may incur? Thanks in advance.
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28 Apr 2006 11:05


Import of electrical electronic machinery and equipment comprise a great deal of commodity items in the Harmonized System Codes. For imports of these products from most countries including China are charged with import duties ranging from zero to 5%. If you want to know the specific rates for particular products please visit the US Harmonized Tariff Schedules Chapter 85 for reference.
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13 Jul 2007 11:38

I want to know if there is a tax (%) that I have to pay if I want to import shoe from china to USA, please. Or where can I look for it.
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31 Jul 2007 11:58

Please check here for the US Harmonized Tariff Schedules and key in Chapter 64 to find duty rates of footwear in the USA.
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10 Sep 2007 10:29


I looked at the charts you have referenced but since I have only dealt with suppliers from the US, I have no idea where my items fall under. I am importing lingerie from China to the US (California) ~ mostly man made material. Can you help me please figure out in which area to look to find the duties/taxes?
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12 Sep 2007 09:10

Please check into the US Tariff Schedules and find Chapter 61 and Heading 6115 – panting hose, tights, stockings and other hosiery, the import duties for which range from zero to 18.8%.
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25 Sep 2007 09:48

I look at the table and I have a question. In the table under the rate of Duty column, what is the difference between 1 and 2? For example for the office supply catagory, column 1 list the rate of 5.3% and column 2 list the rate of 80%.
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25 Sep 2007 10:59

In general the rates of duty in Column 1 apply to countries and territories that have normal trade relations with the US, i.e. most of the countries belong to this column (e.g. Hong Kong, China, and Japan etc). Column 2 rates apply to those who don’t have the same relationships with the US, e.g. Cuba and North Korea. If you need to further pursue the matter please check here for the General Notes of the US Tariff Schedule.
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09 Jan 2008 16:22

I need help determining what import duty would category of purses, and handbags fall under, thanks
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10 Jan 2008 10:14

US Import duty in 2007 for the category of purses and handbags classified under HS 4202 can range widely from free to 20% depending on kinds and materials used. In general products made in leather differ from 3% to 8% for handbags and articles of a kind normally carried in the pocket or in the handbag. Please note the above duty rate cannot be taken as final and is just for reference only.
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10 Jan 2008 15:41

As to the detail Import-duties, it depends on what material used by your goods. So if you want to know more, please e-mail to me. My mail is nancy@alphamac.cn. Something else about trade I can also offer some useful advice to you.
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10 Mar 2008 08:55

I would like to import the pet supplies (e.g. pet clothes, pet trailers, food bowl, pet toys) from China to US. They are all made from different materials, can I put different items in the same shipment? Since they are made from different materials (e.g. fabric, metals) which chapters of the HTS should I look at to know the tariff? Is it possible the freight forwarding / courier company (or what kind of organization) know all the tariff rate? thank you
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15 Mar 2008 11:39

Please refer to the official website of the US Tariff Information Center provided by the US International Trade Commission for import tariff rates of each and every commodities in the tariff schedules classified by Harmonized Systems (HS) Codes. There will also be an alphabetical index in the website to find appropriate HS codes for different products. There are also a quite a number of freight company websites providing freight rates by ship/air and other modes of transport between the destinations.
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26 Jun 2008 10:01

I need help determining what import duty category for herbal vitamin products, thanks
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15 Jul 2008 09:28

you can do a search for tariff duties rates at http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/schedules/b/index.html#search just type in what you want ie:shoes, solar; radio and it will tell you where to find it in the http://www.usitc.gov/tata/hts/bychapter/2006.htm first 2 number are for the chapter then go from there.
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02 Aug 2008 11:45

Does anyone know how the rates would apply when dealing with a dropshipper based in China, meaning would i be responsible for the fees or would my buyers? If they are responsible would there be a way to add the fee into the price and pay it for them so they won't have to be bothered with it? Also, if i am responsible how would i go about paying them?
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04 Aug 2008 16:36

for Ralco Trading 26 June: USA import duty for vitamins, natural or reproduced by systhesis classified under HS Heading 2936 is zero.
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15 Aug 2008 10:56

I am importing organic textiles 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. What article description would I look under. Also are there better/different rates for organic materials.
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22 Aug 2008 11:20

I plan to send nylon ribbon from the US to China to be assembled with metal hair-clips. When the finished product comes back to the US will it be treated as a metal hair-clip or another category?
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29 Sep 2008 14:18

for G 2/8: Import duty cannot be prepaid by the shipper until the goods arrive and the duty rate pertained to the imported goods is assessed by the US Customs and Border Protection. It is therefore usual for the consignee to pay the duty or tax as required by the Customs.
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