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importing water in Hong Kong and China

23 Feb 2006 11:00


I am looking to importing bottled drinking spring water from Canada for the Kong Kong and China markets, but have a few questions:

1) where to find the (water content analysis) requirements for both markets? Are there limitations/regulations?

2) would it be simpler/cheaper to import in Hong Kong from Canada, then export from HK to China? Or each market separately?

Any more detail on how to accomplish the best solution for question 2 would be appreciated.

Looking forward to you reply.

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08 Mar 2006 17:15

The Hong Kong Standards Testing Centre provides a wide variety of testing and technical services to the chemical, environmental, food, pharmaceuticals, metallurgical and plastics industries. Please click here for the details of their testing services offered.

Hong Kong has no import duty for imports of water, whereas China levies an import duty of 20% for mineral and aerated water, and 10% for natural water, plus 17% VAT. There is no difference in the rates of duty for either imports directly from Canada or via Hong Kong.

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11 Jul 2006 16:54

Water content should be analyzed in HK & Mainland China separately. There is a simple way to solve your concern and to reduce
business operation cost in China. You may ship your spring water
into shen zhen bonded warehouse without any import procedures. Depending on customer's needs, beer can be put Chinese lables and distributed into HK & China markets at one time or in batch via simple and fast import procedures in bonded area. The charges are lower than HK , moreover, it can raise your customer satisfaction remarkably. I believe you will enjoy more conveniences from this. we may discuss more details at pengsmcn@hotmail.com
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08 Jan 2010 10:41

My company is considering importing to China. We produce natural artesian bottled water. Is there any permit or other restrictions in importing to China?
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19 Feb 2010 11:03

There are no permit or restrictions on import of natural waters into China, apart from certificates of inspection and quarantine for goods inward. Also imports of food require Health Licence under the China Hygiene Law. Import duty in China for this product under HS 22019010 is 10% plus VAT 17%.
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17 Mar 2010 09:37


For importation of bottled water into China, there is no special restriction as normal food and beverage products. However, if your product would claim for special effect to body, then it might be required to apply for product certificate. Also, you would be required to have a Chinese company to act as the importer; of course, you can set up a trading company to do so. If you would like to know more, you could contact me at felix@goldsac.biz
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12 Sep 2012 09:54

Hi ! how did your import business go? what is your email? i would like to discuss with you on this subject mine is danielwedi@yahoo.com



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15 Nov 2012 11:18

Dear Sir we are one the main producers of mineral water in Iran. we would like to establish our cooperation with you.

Please inform us if you are looking for such a product.


Faraz Vazir

commercial manager

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21 Nov 2012 09:47

Please refer to Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department circular regarding details of trade sanction again Iran to implement the decisions of the United Nations Security Council under Resolution 1929.

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20 Apr 2013 10:20

Hello My name is Steven Marsh. I am distributing water in Thailand, the water is from Slovenia from a company that was established in 1833. It is already in the USA and most of Europe. It has passed all requirements in these countries and i am sure we would have no problem passing the requirements to enter the HK Market. I actually live in Shenzhen :) Can you please tell me where i would find the steps that we must follow in order to get approved to import our bottled water to Hong Kong?. I have the rights to Hong Kong and China, however i want to start with Hong Kong first. 


Your help is greatly appreciated


Steve Marsh


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22 Apr 2013 13:59

In general there are no special requirement nor any restrictions on import of water so long it does not contain any hazardous colouring or additive materials. However you may wish to refer to Guide to Import of Food into Hong Kong, and Food Legislation Guidelines released by Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety.

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09 May 2013 11:01

We would recommend a 5 minute video presented by by TDC Research showing China’s rapid urbanisation and development of 20 clusters of cities around the country. These metropolitan circles will foster lower tier cities and build huge demand for personalised brands and services like catering and entertainment. Click here to view.

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11 May 2013 10:38

Hi Steve,

 I am export manager for one big Romanian mineral water producer and want to start exports to Thailand as well.

Would you mind to let me know if interested?

Please check the internet at www.aquacarpatica.com

We participated in Shanghai CBW 25-27 April where we won the Grand Prix of the exhibition.

send me a message at: cornel.popa@valvis-holding.com

Best regards

Cornel Popa

Export manager

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29 May 2013 09:00

Being importer Firm we want import Mineral water bottles in india

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30 May 2013 09:45


My name is Cornel Popa and I am Export director at VALVIS HOLDING - Romania.

we are interested to develop a business collaboration with a reliable partner in India, too.

please send me details of your company. my e-mail is: cornel.popa@valvis-holding.com

Meantime pls check: www.aquacarpatica.com


Cornel Popa

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16 Aug 2013 08:44


My name is Gizem and I'm an export responsible at Sarıkız Mineral Water at Turkey. My company is producing natural mineral water and we are exporting our mineral water to Europe, America and also to Africa countries. We would like to build a long term business relationship at Hong Kong, China and India too.

WEB             :http://www.sarikiz.com.tr

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13 Dec 2013 14:16


My name is Nuno, i'm from Portugal and we produce mineral water. We establish an office in Shenzhen with our agent. 

If you feel like you can buy direct from our factory with yours brand label.

For deep information my contact is :




Best regards,

Nuno Viana

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23 Apr 2014 16:00

we are having a big plant for mineral water in india.

kindly contact for your requirements.


Thanking you

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15 Jun 2014 11:38

If you are interested to import bottled water( mineral, fizzy) from Georgia then please contact on mail ; 




Also if interested in wine please also contact

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26 Aug 2014 09:00

We are a Sri Lankan conglomerate looking for an opportunity for our products under manufactoring water. We always thrieve for quality and so we ensure a quality service to you. Water can be packed in any form to your needs: bags, bulks, waters drums and etc. I appreciate if you provide me with your necessary requirements to strengthen and proceed with our ventures. 

Thanks you

Please contact on my private email ID: lova1992@gmail.com
Other addresses: lova_1992@access.com

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