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Regulations and Standards on Textile

03 Sep 2013 09:30


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12 Nov 2009 10:17

What tests that we need to do for import garment to sell in China? What service can Intertek do for us?
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13 Nov 2009 15:26

*Regulations and Standards on Textile imported to China.

1. Mandatory Standard: All the textile products produced, sold, imported in China must be meet the requirements of the relevant Mandatory Standard

1.1 Mandatory Standard for Safety: GB 18401- 2003 National General Safety Technical Code For Textile Products

The testing items including: pH value, Formaldehyde content, banned AZO dyestuff, Odour, Colorfastness to Dry Rubbing/Water/Perspiration/Salivar

1.2 Mandatory Standard for labeling: GB 5296.4- 1998 Instructions for Use of Textiles and Apparel

2. Product Standard

Appropriated product standards should be chosen as the executed standard for each product.

Such as: GB/T 22849-2009 Knitted T-shirt
FZ/T 81007-2003 Casual Wear

*Intertek Services

Intertek services include testing, certification, auditing, inspection, quality assurance, consultancy, evaluation, analytical, advisory, training, outsourcing, risk management, and security services.

Intertek offers services and solutions focussed around the industries of our customers to best target their needs. With unparalleled expertise, years of experience and world class laboratories, we provide a complete quality and safety solution with the services that you need:

-Advisory services for laws, regulations and standards of China

-Providing optimal total solution for quality control for China market

-One-stop service for various products and services

-Testing & analysis according to Chinese standards

-Industrial and market analysis / information services

-Assisting brands participating in China standardization / drafting enterprise's standards


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13 May 2010 11:48

Pls advise is there any formaldhedye requirement for toy product with textile for 2 markets: Hong Kong and Macau.
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31 May 2010 23:13


the standards of toys in HK are referring to certain general standards,such as ISO 8124/EN 71/ASTM F963. In Macau, GB 6675 and other GBstandards for toys were the official standards. But the formaldehyderequirement was not specified in those standards. The requirements oftextile in the toy would accord with Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance.

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