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import duty in india


26 Aug 2008 15:23


Dear Sir, How much import duty on LED Display import from china to India? Thanks
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26 Aug 2008 15:57

for Vinu: India basic customs duty for juice of any other single fruit or vegetable (HS 20098090) is 30% plus special countervailing duty of 4%.Moderator: India basic customs duty for juice of any other single fruit or vegetable (HS 20098090) is 30% plus special countervailing duty of 4%. Same rates of duty and tax will be applied to goods arriving in all Indian customs districts.
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27 Aug 2008 10:23

Hi, i am planning to purchase a wrist watch from US. the cost is INR4500 approx. i want to know what would be the import duty on this watch. Also, it would be great if you help me with the import duty on laptops, if i import one from US. Thanks so much for your help...
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name supplied

27 Aug 2008 10:25

One of my Friends in China wants to gift me a Digital camera worth 300$, he wants to send it through Speed Post, What are the taxes that i will have to pay here in India for the same & what documents should he send along with the Camera ( like Invoice /DC etc) Thanks
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31 Aug 2008 11:36


Hi guys, would appreciate if you can advice me the Import duty on Ladies bags & footwear made of PU (to be imported to India from China). Thanks a lot.
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Raj P

01 Sep 2008 08:44

hi sir i want to know the procedure and customs duty applicable on import of c i casting & steel scraps of old textile machines.
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02 Sep 2008 17:58

I need to find out what the import and duties taxes that we need to pay if I have materials printed in Shenzhen, China and import it into India. Thank you.
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name supplied

03 Sep 2008 09:47

i wish to import the following from Korea to India 1) tap mounted water filters 2) Water generators (Water from air) Can you pl advise me of what are the different tariffs and duties applicable and also a contact telephone number to see further clarification if required. Thanks
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04 Sep 2008 09:49

What are the rules and regulations for importing paper from India? What are the import duties. Cheers
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04 Sep 2008 10:45

for Aamod Joshi 16 July: India import duty for LCD TV of various screen sizes are 10% plus 14% to 16% countervailing duty; for percussion musical instruments ie drums (HS 92060000) is 10% plus 14% countervailing duty.
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05 Sep 2008 09:08

Sir, I have to import a new Vending machine(1500W) from korea to india by ship.How much in the import duty that I need to pay Thanks in advance
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06 Sep 2008 14:13

i am interested in buying laser cutting machine from china. how much import duty to be paid in india & is there any requirement of licence to import?
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08 Sep 2008 11:13

May I know the import duty for Automotive and Motorcyle lead acid battery to india?
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09 Sep 2008 10:16

An additional duty of 4% is charged on imported mobile phones in India . Is this add duty refundable after recovering 4% vat on sale of same and depositing it with sale tax department. If yes , how?
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09 Sep 2008 16:09

for David Ogirala 22 July: India import duty for other keyboard musical instrument classified under HS 92059090 is currently levied at 10% and countervailing duty at 14%.
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10 Sep 2008 10:50

I would like to know the customs duty ,and other costs for importing Mobility scooter, electric wheel chair, disable equipments from
China to India. How can I do this and any companies could help. Thanks for the advice
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name supplied

10 Sep 2008 10:53


If my shipment of 100kg of readymade childrens apparel is imported from china to india by air freight how much custom duty do i have to pay ?
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10 Sep 2008 11:12

Please advise import duty for yarn export from Korea to China.
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10 Sep 2008 15:33

for Chintan 23 July: Indian import duty for protein concentrates and textured protein substance classified under HS 21061000 is 30% plus 14% countervailing duty.
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12 Sep 2008 10:10

I would like to know Import Duties & Taxes on Car DVD player with 7" screen. Imported from China.
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