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tax & tax rate for importing goods from HK to UK


29 Jul 2011 15:46

India import duties for HS heading 9101 wrist watches, pocket watches and other watches are 16% plus other duties and taxes that may be required.


No claim that articles are chargeable with a preferential rate of duty (maybe UK) shall be considered by the Customs in respect of articles imported by post, unless at the time of arrival in India, such articles are covered by a declaration as to the country of origin entered in the customs declaration form.

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29 Jul 2011 15:31

Hi Sir,   I have ordered a wrist watch from UK. I paid 110 British Pounds as the price for the  product and shipment cost. It is a electronic equipment and have a voice recording capability. They call it wrist watch voice recorder.


(1) Will it be considered as a consumer electronic good or spy-equipment when I import it to India from UK?


(2) In both the cases what will be the import duty when I receive it from the courier agency at Bangalore?


(3) If the manufacturer ships this item from his China warehouse then what will be the duties?


(4) Are there any other duties to pay like VAT or something.


Thanks and regards in advance.

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09 Sep 2010 12:12

The UK third country rate of import duty applicable to Hong Kong  for HS 5109 10 10 00 - Containing 85 % or more by weight of wool or of fine animal hair  In balls, hanks or skeins, of a weight exceeding 125 g but not exceeding 500 g is 3.8%; UK Standard VAT is chargeable at 17.5%. Please note that this information is taken from UK Government online business link and provided for reference only.

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08 Sep 2010 09:52

Dear sir, I would like to know the exact tax rates for shipping wool yarn balls form HK to UK. I know there' re three taxes when importing goods to UK. VAT, Excise Duty and Customs duty. What are the exact tax rate for each tax? Our goods are yarn made of more or less than 85% of wool. And the Goods Code from UK is 5109101000. Please  help to get the info. Thanks very much!!

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