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China Import tariff

29 Aug 2016 19:38

We want to known what are the taiffs of import of fertilizant urea.


Best regard.

Gustavo Venturini


by Moderator - 11 Nov 2004 09:26
China tariff schedules information can be perused, apart from TDC's Business InfoCentre, in the following websites:
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: http://www.apectariff.org
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: http://www.ccpit.org/servlet/org.servlet.GenTariffFrontServlet?actionType=QuerySectionListEn
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21 Feb 2014 11:05


The import duties had been lowered in year 2014, to obtain the updated duty rate, you could simply buy a China Tariffs Book at HKD550(USD72) in Hong Kong, in case, you want to send abroad, postage will be added, please contact me at anthony@customsconsult.net

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18 Dec 2012 09:56


Hi, I'm interested to know what taxes and duty are applicable when my supplier in Shanghai (for example) quotes me EXW Incoterms on various electronic components.  The parts will be purchased by my Guangzhou based EMS but via their Hong Kong registered Office.  The EMS facility in Guangzhou is classified as a Foreign Owned factory so I am thinking there is zero tax and duty.


Maybe a simpler way to ask th question is "Do I only need to add the freight cost of moving goods from Shanghai to Hong Kong and on to Guangzhou".

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10 Dec 2012 14:01


Hi , I wonder if I want to export ladies shoes from Romania to China. How much percent of tax I need to pay?

 What about Vietname or Indonesia?


Thanks for telling.

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03 Oct 2012 14:23

By registering with the ETCN you are able to identifiy Harmonized System tariff codes and China import duties by each and every 8-10 digit commodities, and also import restrictions. 

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03 Oct 2012 10:25

where I can access the Import& Export Tariff Rates in China?

by  - 10 Nov 2004 10:47
Could you please let know where I can access the Import& Export Tariff Rates in China? Have searched many time in Google but failed.
The laws are not so transparent. Many thanks.
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21 Jan 2012 11:41


The Links are not working. pls mention correct link.


Thanks in advance.

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18 Nov 2011 15:39


All import cargo for clearance in China Customs must follow the proper order with full set of documents, e.g. commercial invoice with details of shipper, consignee, commodity description with quantity and value, Harmonized Codes etc. for assessment of import duty, and VAT as specified. Please note that import cargo in such a messy order cannot be accepted for customs clearance. 

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11 Nov 2011 15:06



I was wondering if I wanted to import kitchenware (utensils, decorative) and other items such as vases, candle holders, etc; how would the CIF be calculated by customs in China?

The thing is that I am getting a mixed load of such merchandise at a very steep discount to the wholesale price of the items.

When I import into China, would the customs calculate their own value of the merchandise or would they go by the invoice my supplier in the United States has given?


My supplier in the US also said that he does not know the exact contents of each pallet since it was all mixed by whomever he bought it from and he only knows what type of items is in each pallet, but not the amount of each item. Therefore the supplier would only list the value of each pallet instead of the value for each item. Would this prove to be a problem with customs?


Also, I was thinking about shipping directly to Tianjin Port, but do you think it is wiser to use a freight forwarding agent in HK and ship by land to China? Which Chinese customs is better to negociate with?



Thanks in advanced!

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07 Nov 2011 15:07

Most electronics goods for export from Hong Kong to China are eligible for duty free treatment under the auspics of CEPA. However if the place of origin certificate is not provided normal import tariff will be levied. Please check here for details. 

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02 Nov 2011 10:23



We would like to import electronic goods from Hong Kong to China.


Please kindly advise the duty tax rate.


Thank you

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17 Sep 2011 11:59

Dear Sir,


May I know where can I get the updated import tariff in China, in particuarly for jewellery and watches. Thanks

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15 Sep 2011 10:51

China import duty in 2011 for solder bar classified under HS heading 8311 is 10% plus 13% value added tax for import from countries that have normal trade relations with China.

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08 Sep 2011 15:27

Dear Sir/Madam,


Could you inform me the import duty and VAT for solder bar in China?



by Moderator - 04 Nov 2006 13:52
for Rad: Import duty for soldering wire in China is 8% plus 17% VAT.
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06 Jul 2010 16:24

China import duty for the captioned HS code 90021190 is 15% for imports from countries that have normal trade relations with China (ie MFN rate), plus VAT 17%.

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06 Jul 2010 16:14

We are a Hong Kong company, we would like to import the UV Spot Cure (HS:9002 11 900) into China, do you know how many import tax we should pay for ?? 

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30 Jun 2010 17:39


China import duty for pet food classified under 23099090 - other animal feedings will be waived under CEPA if the goods are  manufactured in HOng KOng from food residues, nutrients and other chemical ingredients. The principal processes are sorting, grinding, weighting and mixing.

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30 Jun 2010 09:55

Dear Moderator,


is below still apply?

I am making the pet food and treats in Hong Kong and looking to import into China


by Moderator - 23 Feb 2007 15:31
The China import duties for pet food classified under HS 2309 are: cat or dog food 15% plus VAT 13%; mixed feeds or mixed feed ingredients 5% and 6.5%, plus VAT 17% and 13% for imports from most favoured nations. If the goods are manufactured in Hong Kong and meeting with Hong Kong origin criteria, zero rate of duty may apply.
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01 Jun 2010 14:47


The captioned goods may be classified under HS 3504 - Peptones and their derivatives; other protein substances and their derivatives, not else-where specified or included; hide powder, whether or not chromed. In China the import tariff for such goods is chargeable at between 3% and 8%, plus VAT 17%. 

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03 Jun 2010 16:19

Dear Moderator,


We are US protein supplement manufacturing company, and want to understand the tariff code for the following items. WOuld you please take a look at?


Protein supplements - contains soy protein isolate, milk protein concentrate

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