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Cosmetics Import Tax in Hong Kong

15 Sep 2015 14:08


We are export/import comapny and retailer in Hong Kong. We would like to import more Japanese drugstore products to HK. If you are related exporter in Japan, please feel free to contact me with product catalog


Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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29 Apr 2015 12:11


I am based in hk and am interested in what kind of products you have. Can I get your email address so that I can contact you directly?


by Guest - 23 Apr 2014 15:59

I'm located in South Korea and looking for a trading partner. I can supply a wide range of products. Are you interested?

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03 Dec 2014 15:57


"Import duties for cosmetics and skin products in China are charged at 10%, 17% value added tax, 30% commodity tax."


How do we account for these three taxes? Thanks.

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14 May 2014 16:02


Korean cosmetics and many other brands. Contact me at ellijkim@gmail.com for more information.

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14 May 2014 16:01



My email is ellijkim@gmail.com contact me for more information on purchasing bulk amount of Korean cosmetic products as well as many other brands. Are you located in Hong kong?

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14 May 2014 11:01

hi, I am also working on starting my cosmetics distribution centre in here in Hond Kong and looking for a partner (preferably French or South Korean. You can e-mail me at onniz2008@gmail.com.

Best Regards.

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09 May 2014 09:58

Hi Mike


Please kindly leave your contact and discuss.




Eric Chan

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07 May 2014 09:59

Hi !


I saw your message on the web, for looking a partner for selling cosmetics products. Are you already interesting ?


I'm in charge to business cosmetics in France; and we are interesting to the export. Would you like to contact me to making some business together?


Thanks for your attention


Best Regards

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02 May 2014 16:22

As you did not provide reply contact here, we would suggest you contact the sourcing website of the HKTDC by keying cosmetics to the window space provide and you can find thousands of business contacts classified by the types of business they conduct eg. suppliers, importers, distributors etc. and also they are verified by various credentials of standards. click here for details. 

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23 Apr 2014 15:59

I'm located in South Korea and looking for a trading partner. I can supply a wide range of products. Are you interested?

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23 Oct 2013 15:18


There are no import duties on cosmetics, toiletry and skin care products in Hong Kong and registration is not required for cosmetic products. However there are a number of specialist websites featuring the cosmetics and toiletries industry and market in Hong Kong with information on sales, marketing and brand products trends, and like legislations development in the Territory. No registration and licensing requirements for the sales of such cosmetics and toiletries goods in Hong Kong.
However in the private sector, the Hong Kong Cosmetic Technical Resources Centre (CTR) fully supports the independent certification scheme for product quality - customers always pursuit for high quality products have initiated the Cosmetic Integrity Mark (CI Mark). Launched by CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (CMA Testing), the CI Mark aims to provide identification to product quality, performance and compliance with industry standards.

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23 Oct 2013 08:52

Hi Moderator


Thanks for the information. I have looked at the Chapter 456 Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance.  However, there are information about do I require to report/advise to a specific government department.  My cosmetics products have safety tested to legally sell in UK and any country in Europe to the general public. I want to know do I have to inform Hong Kong Government about my intention to sell in Hong Kong so I can do whatever require by the Law of Hong Kong. Hope you can give me some light.



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22 Oct 2013 11:25

Hi Moderator


I am interested in selling natural cosmetics in Hong Kong. In UK or Europe we have to as a manufacturer  to register with European commission with the details of certified cosmetic products before we can place the product in UK market or in Europe.  Do I have to register with HK government?  I already have friends buying my products from Hk and it will be easier if all my friends and their friends can buy from one source.  As I am a SME and it is a new business, I am not thinking of set up a shop in Hk. I can sell to SPA shop or have an agent in HK. 


Thanks and please advise.


Elaine Leung


Hi Moderator, I have two questions regarding the import of cosmetic and skin products. (1) If they don't require tax/duty, does the import of these products require any import license? (2) Cosmetic products can cover many varieties. When you mean that these products are duty-free, do they cover perfume and hair gel? Thanks. Please tell.
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03 Aug 2013 09:58

Dear Moderator,

You mentioned Chapter 456 Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance.  To sell our products in HK, are you saying that we have to take the cosmetics and skincare products to a laboratory for safety checking to show the government that our products comply with HK's saftey standards?  Would you supply a list of government approved labs? 

Many thanks.


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29 Sep 2012 10:54

Is there a special license to sale cosmetics in HK also if import from Europe, do the products have to be tested. ?

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30 Jul 2012 15:01

In generalparallel imports should be genuine products which have been authorized by the trade mark owners/manufacturers for manufacturing their products in different places. It is often the stance of the Hong Kong Government that there should not be any restriction to the free flow of genuine goods. It should be a matter of choice for consumers to choose between parallel imports and mainstream imports.


With the growing popularity of Internet and electronic commerce, globalization of world market has been a popular trend. It is therefore not feasible nor desirable to set territorial boundaries to restrict the circulation of goods.

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26 Jul 2012 11:09


The statement you made below in regard to ''parallel imports'', are you saying that even if a Hong Kong distributor had an Exclusivity Agreement with the producer (owner of the brand), other people can still sell those products in HK without having any legal responsibilities?


I guess what I'm trying to ask is there any laws in HK to govern the Exclusive Rights to sell certain imported products in HK? And if so what happens if there are other people selling it in other channels in HK such as the Internet.


Thank you for your time :)


by Moderator - 27 Dec 2004 10:14
While we know that the Boots skin care products are being sold in Watsons, we cannot ascertain whether there is an exclusive agreement between the two companies. Imports of Boots products from other sources and by a party other than the exclusive agent (this is so-called parallel imports), are permitted in Hong Kong and of course can be sold in the local market. If you can notice that there are quite a number of retailers in Hong Kong selling branded cosmetics and skin care products imported from their own sources. However it should be stressed here that they are not faked products.
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01 Feb 2012 11:30



We specialize in providing clearance services for all kinds of goods without documents; procedure is simple, inexpensive, safe; You can delivery to Hong Kong, all other procedures done by us. The receiver examine the goods and arrange the payment after the cargo entry China(mainland), Then, it will be delivered to all parts of China.



Contact us :Alino Pang



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06 Jan 2012 16:02

Guangzhou New Bodylife Cosmetic Company Limited is specialized in manufacturing and designing OEM cosmetic products.since our foundation ,we have had scientific administration and strict production control management ,and have become a renowned cosmetic enterprise in China.                      


To learn more about us and our products,welcome to visit us at http://www.newbodylife.com/English/cpjs1.asp http://www.newbodylife.com Email:newbodylife@yahoo.cn

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30 Dec 2011 15:12

Licensing requirements are not required for import, export and other distribution trade, Howeverm cosmetics and skin care products in Hong Kong is governed by ‘Chapter 456 Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance. It is required that a person shall not supply, manufacture or import consumer goods unless the consumer goods comply with the general safety requirement for consumer goods or the consumer goods must satisfy an approved standard if applicable. It is also important to point out that the Government may impose a mandatory labelling requirement on the marketing of cosmetic products.


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